Staff Showcase

Here at Enzymedica, our product is natural wellness supplements, but our business is people. Every day hardworking employees dedicate their talents to a collective mission: making the world a better place through natural wellness. We wouldn’t be anything without the employees who make it all happen. See what they have to say about working with one of the best companies on Florida’s Gulf Coast.

Becky Dattani | Manager of Enzyme Science

Career at Enzymedica: 11 years

Favorite Products: MyoMend, Purify Daily Regularity, and Critical Digestion

Every day, I hear how we are changing and, in their words, saving people’s lives with our products. I wouldn’t be able to sell a product I don’t personally take or believe in, and that’s why I love working for this company. We make a difference in people’s lives, not a lot of other companies can say that!


Adam Kothe | Shipping Manager

Career at Enzymedica: 5 years

Favorite Products: Enzyme Nutrition Multi-vitamin 

Before I worked here I heard about the company and its unique culture from some buddies already working in the warehouse. I knew I had to be apart of it. Without a doubt my favorite part of my job is all the people I am lucky enough to work with. 


Adam Pic Crop
Tommy Carello | Digital Marketing Associate

Career at Enzymedica: 2 years

Favorite Products: BerberineEnzyme Nutrition Multivitamin, and Purify Liver Detox

Enzymedica is an empowering organization to work for. I feel that my confidence and skills as a marketer have improved considerably, and it’s clear how my day to day efforts contribute to overall company success.


tommy headshot crop
Rachel Holbert | Director of Quality and Regulatory Compliance

Career at Enzymedica: 9 years

Favorite Products: Chewable Digest, Apple Cider Vinegar, and Stem XCell

I have found my job to be incredibly rewarding because I am involved with so many important aspects of our products. Being a part of the Success Committee has also been great; I really enjoy planning fun events to balance out all the hard work we do.


Rachel Old Headshot

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